Overturn 8

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Angry about 8

When Proposition 8 passed in California on November 4th 2008, a great injustice was done to all Americans. A group of United States Citizens were identified as not deserving the same rights and protections afforded to the rest of us. This should terrify Americans, because it sets a standard that is not based on equal rights but gut reaction and bias. While this most recent legalized discrimination targets homosexuals, it was not long ago that the exact same restriction was applied against interracial marriage in many states. That was struck down as unconstitutional. Prop 8 must be stuck down also.

This will only happen if it stays in the public awareness and responsible citizens demand that this travesty be corrected.

I normally wear my political beliefs on my sleeve, but that's hard to read, so I had a bunch of shirts made up on Cafepress. If you feel the same way I do about the passing of Proposition 8, you may be interested in them also. The links are below.

Best Regards and keep up the fight,
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